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All Accessories  Included
Steam Vent 150 Black
Steam Vent Frame #14205
Steam Frame D.13 Black Rubber
Steam Frame D.13 Black Runners
28mm Brush w/ Nylon Bristles
30cm Brush
Steam Frame D.13 Black Strips
Straight Jet Nozzle
Two 50cm rigid extension rods.
220cm Flexible Hose w/ Handle
Window Cleaning Frame#10444
Rubber Edge Window Cleaner & Brush
Fabric Vent Vacuum
Vent D. 12 Yellow
O Ring 2037

Hot Vapor Steam Cleaning System


Eagle Environmental Products, Inc. 

You can now own the ultimate commercial and industrial cleaning system. As the hot steam vapor sterilizes and melts away grease, buildup, and biological pollutants the vacuum and exclusive filter safely removes them. Revolutionary chemical injection feature allows degreasers, sanitizers, and disinfectants to be applied with hot vapor steam. When used correctly, this machine can reduce detergent use by more than 80% and disinfectants by over 90%. Time spent cleaning is drastically reduced and this new multi-function machine will pay for itself in a short period of time. Safety trigger lock and double hose connection safety locks are only a few of the innovations engineered into the SANISTEAMER 6003/A  

The SANISTEAMER 6003/A can easily deliver cycles of detergents, cleaners, or stain removers. In addition, the hot steam vapor kills bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew, dust mites, and other allergy causing pathogens.

  New control panel monitors machine function with easy to read display lights. (see below)


   Soap On and Drain Button (K) also pictured.

A: Green -Power 
B: Red -Failure
C: Green -Full Boiler
D: Yellow-Empty Boiler
E: Green -Heating
F: Green -Water Pump
G: Green -Soap Pump
H: Green -Steam





Power supply

220/230 V 50/60hz

Chemical Injection

5.25 Quarts (Reservoir)                               

Residue Removal System

Vacuum- Thumb Touch Button w/ waste filter.              

Water Tank 5.25 Quarts (Reservoir)
Boiler capacity 3.6 Liter Stainless Steel- Continuous Automatic Pump
Steam Temperature in Boiler
Max 320 Degrees Fahrenheit (160C)
Front Adjustment Knob for Steam 
Heating time
5 minutes 
Operating Time Continuous
Housing Stainless Steel
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Shipping Information

All products are shipped via UPS Ground. There is no packing or handling charge. Please contact the sales department for exact shipping with insurance at  


The SANISTEAMER increases food safety and provides total surface sanitation.  

Particularly usefully in cleaning restaurant equipment and floors. Easily degrease exhaust hoods and help eliminate food oil grease   ( FOG ). Well suited for mold removal, surface sanitization and disinfections on a wide variety of surfaces. Chemical injection allows you to meet the highest health and food service cleaning standards. 

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Eagle Environmental Products, Inc. is proud to be a Veteran and Native American owned business certified as both a MBE and DBE . For more information and certificates, please click here.

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